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  • Looking to get out of the house and meet new people?
  • COFFEEANDCO.pngA book club might be the next best thing in social interaction that will find you being introduced to many other singles.
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  • CalcuDating
  • Book Cover.jpgDiscover the secrets to success in the world of dating and introductions -With this detailed guide book, your single days really are numbered!
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  • Twitter
  • twitter.pngFollow us on twitter for Lorraine's tips on how to make your single days a thing of the past.
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  • Online Dating
  • Online Dating.pngIf you want to embark on the wonderful journey of joining a dating agency but just don't know where to begin, we make it easy! This comprehensive review of all of the most visited sites will help answer your questions and show you where to start.
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  • You've Been Head Hunted!
  • Head Hunted.jpgAre you unattached? Do you feel you are a captivating, attractive, and interesting individual? If so, and you are ultimately looking for a serious romance, we want to hear from you..
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Lorraine's Weekly Column

The Word 'Commitment'
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  • The Love Mentor
  • Single or attached the love mentor will give you advice and mentor you into taking the correct steps into finding love and or helping you take the next steps in your active relationship helping you succeed in love.
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  • Seminar - 90 Day Plan to Find a Decent Man
  • Life Coaching for Romance Program!
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  • Life is Too Short: How Coffee and Company client James Stockton Changed His Life Goals
  • Coffee and Company client James Stockton gives advice on how to change your career in your mid-thirt ...
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  • Choose Your Wardrobe Charm
  • Autumn is among us! With romance in the air, choose who and how you charm depending on your wardrobe ...
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  • He loves me, he loves me not..
  • Take a break from your hectic schedule and take a few minutes to complete these fun and insightful r ...
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  • The Flirtomatic Experience
  • Kaitlin, a woman closely tied with Coffee and Company, gives tips on how to use a website to boost your confidence and find other possible male candidates for your dating agenda.
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  • Gary Ousby, Celebrity Personal trainer, tells us how to transform our bodies, from the inside out.
  • Tired of being stuck in the same routine? Looking to shed some weight after the holidays and get back in shape for the summer? Want to just feel gorgeous again?!
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  • The Best Time of the Year to Find Love
  • Study report reveals the months of the year we are most likely to fall in love! Let the months be yo ...
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  • Yawning = Sexual Attraction?
  • Yawning still stumps scientists everywhere but this newest study helps put some explanation behind i ...
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